Belly Fat Tracker

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Excess visceral fat storage in the belly is a significant risk factor for metabolic health complications of obesity such as diabetes, fatty liver, and heart disease. It also causes more inflammation compared to fat around the hips and legs. But belly pinches, tape measures, and smart scales don't measure visceral fat. Bello is a cutting edge portable device that provides you with accurate and consistent measurement of your belly fat anytime, anywhere.

Using its patented near-infrared technology, Bello directly measures abdominal fat to provide metabolic health information on top of visceral fat. Press the button on top to turn it on and pair it with the Bello app via Bluetooth, then scan your belly in just 3 seconds to receive real time measurements, along with insights into your current status and potential risks.

To help you manage your waistline and reach your health goals, the Bello app will also provided you with professional guides on top of your health status analysis, including your metabolic health index. Use your customized Bello score to track your progress, and follow the curated diet and activity guides to develop healthy habits for lasting change.